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Cost of Examination:

Adult (ages 15 and up):$420 (Prices do NOT include X-ray fee)

     ***X-ray imaging fees will be collected at time of appointment                      by the radiology facility. Cost and imaging process will be

          explained at time of appointment scheduling.


Child (ages 5-14):$280

Child (ages 0-4):$250

What to bring to the medical examination: 

1. Referral letter with your IME or UCI numbers. All family status applicants must provide these numbers when scheduling an appointment.

(Worker, student and visitor applicants might not have these numbers available and will be created for them at the time of exam)
2. Valid ID: Passport, Driver's License, Birth Certificate( applicable for children only)
3. Eye glasses or contact lenses (if worn)
4. Any medical reports or test results that may have information on previous or existing medical conditions. It is important to inform the Panel Physician of any previous or existing medical conditions.

5. List of all medications currently being taken
6. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination (if completed)

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