Cost of Examination:

ALL PRICES INCLUDE: Exam, Laboratory Tests and Sealed Documentation

VACCINATIONS are NOT included in the prices 

Adult (ages 45+): $380
Adult (ages 25-44): $400
Adult (ages 18-24): $420

Children (ages 0-17): $350
I-693 vaccination section only: $90

What to bring to your appointment: 
1. Passport or Drivers License
2. Birth certificates (
Only for children under the age of 14)
3. Marriage License (if applicable)
4. Vaccination record (if available)
5. Alien Registration A-Number (if applicable)

Information regarding your appointment:
There is no need to fast for blood tests.

The results of the exam are usually available in 5 working days. 

The civil surgeon provide a completed Form I-693 in a sealed envelope, which you must submit to USCIS. 


To avoid unnecessary shots and high out-of-pocket cost, please bring your immunization record or/and update and complete your vaccinations prior to the exam (please inquire about vaccination process when you call to schedule your appointment).