Cost of Examination:
Adult (ages 15 and up):$455
Adult Radiology Exam: $180 
Child (ages 11-14):$310
Child (ages 0-10):$210

What should be done prior to the appointment:
1.  Obtain a HAP ID (we are unable to schedule your appointment without this medical identifier)
2. Complete your medical history information online by using the eMedical Client service prior to your immigration health examination.
What to bring to your medical examination:
1.  The eMedical Referral letter, which indicates your HAP ID
2.  Valid passport 
3.  Eye glasses or contact lenses (if worn).
4.  Any medical reports or test results that may have information on previous or existing medical conditions. It is important to inform the Panel Physician of any previous or existing medical conditions
Information regarding your appointment: 
The medical and/or radiology examinations can be done conveniently in one location and in one visit. 

The whole process takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Women should not attend the medical examination during menstruation as blood will taint the urinalysis.